Talking Business with Jeanine Chell


Are you unsure if it's the right time to invest in your business? new skills, or a new product range? Jeanine Chell shares her business practices for ROI.

Q. How important is Philosophy when learning new skills?

JC. Qi beauty is such an amazing treatment which has really transformed my business and i’m so excited about sharing it with other therapists.  I can honestly say that I have never seen such great results in my 17 years as a Beauty therapist as I do with Qi Facials. My experience as a facialist is very broad and I have worked with many (product) ranges, treatments and machines, and various skin conditions.  I have also worked as a Craniosacral therapist for 8 years which compliments my business beautifully.  I work completely holistically and Qi fits into that philosophy perfectly.

Q. Running your own business means taking chances and finding business practices that work for you. What was your business plan when you returned to New Zealand after investing in your business?

JC: The money I invested in my training for Qi, I made back in one day at my clinic, that’s because when I got back I just sold courses.  By the end of my first working week back with clients, I had not only paid for my training, flights, accomodation, spending money but also new Qi Stock.  If you already have an existing client base to work with Qi is so easy to get people on board as the results speak for themselves! Plus it’s beautifully relaxing, deeply holistic and you can be really creative with it.

In terms of how it has changed my business this is what it has done for me:

  • Increased my dollar per hour on service
  • Increased my overall revenue by 30% in 5 months in comparison to the year before
  • It has brought me new clients and given my business more exposure
  • Clients do courses, and book in more regularly
  • I do about 70% Qi Beauty Facials now, it is my most popular treatment.

"Qi beauty has Increased my overall revenue by 30% in 5 months in comparison to the year before."




  • It delivers such fast results in a healthy sustainable way.

  • It's an amazing treatment to market as it has mass appeal, it really gets peoples attention.

  • The results experienced by my clients are incredibly satisfying and I have noticed that it has enticed some of my regular clients book in every 2-3 weeks instead of just every 4.